Ich habe das iPhone immer dabei und iBlumen ist die beste App z.Z. Also fragte ich beim Autor Pierre-Olivier Templier an:

2. Oktober 2012 12:56

Cher M. Templier

my french is … I forgot everything.

I love to have "Fleurs en Poche" available everywhere on my iPhone, en poche. And it's a great help.

I'm missing the "Zeigerwerte nach Ellenberg"-Data for my daily usage.

I tried to find an english explanation or a french one but couldn't find any.

    Very short explanation. For some 1800 central-european species Ellenberg defined 6 habitat-favors, which are
  • light
  • temperature
  • continentality
  • water-availability
  • acid-alkaline
  • N-availability
  • salt-toleranz
  • Plus Galmei-toleranz (heavy metals, "Armerietum halleri") and salt-tolerance.
Numbers 1..9 are defined (1..12 for water-availability)
where 1 means grows best in darkest-shadow and 9 best in brightest light and the others accordingly.

I'd like to have that info on my iPhone too. Best all plant-infos at one place. I do have the data in CSV (entered them myself in the mid-80s) and afaik they are in public use (that was science before patenting everything).

Until then, I use a website of my own, with pages like these finding by searching in alphabetical list

O r t w i n Z i l l g e n

Und bekam diese Rückmeldung:

3. Oktober 2012 10:20

Dear Mr Z i l l g e n,
Thank you for your congratulation and for your great idea.

I think i could add this ecological datas into "Fleurs en poche", this winter.

I do have to find equivalent names in English and in French for the titles of the datas, but it's quite simple.
Obviously, certain species present in France may not be present in your file, but it's not a serious problem, since i can easily find it on French web sites like tela botanica to complete the database.

Could you, please, send me the data file in CSV so that i start to add it to the app ?

Best regards,
Pierre-Olivier Templier

sandte ihm meine Daten

3. Oktober 2012 13:20

Perfect !
thank you, it will be available in a future update of Fleurs en poche, and i will advice you when it is released.

best regards,
Pierre-Olivier Templier

und hörte nichts mehr vom alten Schlawiner.

Sowohl in der iPhone- wie in der iPad-Version sind die Zeigerwerte inzw. drin und sehen gut aus:


Irgendwo eine Referenz auf die Quelle der Daten? Ach wo, Schlawiner eben.